2024 Season Appearances

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Summertime is fast approaching, and I hope to fill up my calendar with appearances in the most beautiful place I can be, right here in Southern Colorado.

Mercados, Farmer’s Markets and Maker’s Markets are so much fun to play at. They bring in a diversity of people, all ages. They are generally outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountain air (around here, anyway.) Plus, I feel a kinship with the folks in their booths, no matter whether they are selling tomatoes and peppers or hand-made soaps. We are all independent producers serving the local community.

Please watch for my dates as I post them here and on my Facebook page, Jenni Mansfield Peal Original.
If you represent a regional event series that uses family-friendly independent music, please contact me: [email protected]

Let’s make it happen! These songs aren’t going to sing themselves!