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Iza M. Boom is Jenni Mansfield Peal’s songwriting alter-ego, her nom de plume for all that is especially adult. Iza is there to help when Jenni needs to write a song like “Pencildick Man” or spread a little political humor with “Green Green Hills of Colorado”, or most recently, “The Devil Met Donnie”

Pencildick Man

April 8, 2006 : “Brian Doyle, who was arrested Wednesday on charges of transmitting pornographic images to someone he allegedly thought was a minor, resigned yesterday from his position as deputy press secretary at the Homeland Security Department.”

This is a song for anybody, regardless of gender or physical features, who uses their status or authority to screw somebody else.

Thanks to all the girls who helped record Pencildick Man, especially songwriter Rene’ West who really wails it! Listen here:

Green, Green Hills of Colorado

On November 6, 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64, a popular initiative ballot measure to amend CO’s constitution.  This legalized marijuana use statewide.  Personally, I never thought legalization would happen in my lifetime, considering the big money to be made by the prison industry, law enforcement and, of course, international black market as long as the prohibition was upheld by the drug-on-wars.

Check out “Green Green Hills of Colorado,” Iza’s first music video by movie-maker Christopher Basil Tilleman on her YouTube channel:

Sometimes a folksinger just has to get right down to it. From Fall 2020, before the election, The Devil Met Donnie (c)JMP

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