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There is so much in the works, please follow this website or Jenni Mansfield Peal Original, my Facebook page. The San Luis Valley has lots going on all year around, and my music is a part of it.

Maybe Tom and I will see you at a fun music event, here, or on the road!

Stay well, keep a song in your heart, and I hope to get to meet you on the the path of music and good times.

Here is what I am currently booking:

Jenni Mansfield Peal

Singer, Songwriter, Community Event Producer

Del Norte, CO 719-221-9597

[email protected]

“Songs for Everybody”

Summer Performance Season 2024 in Southern Colorado

Thank you for your interest in my music! Through my decades of performing, I have enjoyed approaching each new season with a new spirit. This year I am fully embracing my life as an independent working artist with my Indie Spirit 2024 Tour, and I’m happy to say that my gig calendar is starting to fill up. Playing guitar, mountain dulcimer and accordion, with an extensive song list covering a variety of genres, I’m always ready to mix things up and create new shows. Tell me what kind of special event you need music for, and I will pitch you an idea. Or scroll ahead to get details about my Concert or Farmer’s/Maker’s Market shows.

I’ve done a lot of fun work in the SLV, including being the resident musical artist of Rio Grande Scenic Railroad for 2019. For the last several seasons I have enjoyed developing my family-friendly farmer’s and maker’s market show, performing in Del Norte and Alamosa. Please see a more detailed description below. Let me tell you about my original songs first, which are the material of my concert appearances.

Since winning the Dallas Poor David’s Pub B.W. Stevenson Song Writing Contest in 1990, I have continued to develop both my craft and my career. This has brought me to the Kerrville Folk Festival Main Stage (1990) and two tours of Northern Ireland as a song writer, including multiple festival appearances as well as BBC radio (1992, 1993.) I have produced five independent albums, the most recent, Receiver, released summer of 2022. One of my songs on that album, “The Hippie of White Rock Lake,” was recorded live at a solo Halloween concert at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas.

I invite you to explore my website to hear some of my songs and learn more about my career so far. “Vera Jayne and Norma Jean,” a song close to my heart, is showing on the main page, so just click on it if you’d like to hear my tribute to my dad’s first wife, the actress Jayne Mansfield. I think she and Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) would have been friends if their studios had let them.

Concert appearances:

I will work with your organization to promote and provide the highest quality of entertainment. As well as my own e-mail list and social media pages, I work with orgs to provide the materials they can use to reach their audience. As an independent artist, I negotiate compensation directly with organizations that are interested in my music. I can be described as an original CO and Southwest Americana artist that leans toward Pete Seeger folk with a Dar Williams feminist slant.

Farmer’s and Maker’s Markets:

Like all of my appearances, I promote these shows through all of my channels and work with the organizations that book me to find their audiences. I am a complete professional; all I need is an electrical outlet to set up. Although my repertoire for these shows includes lots of my own songs, I also love to sing material people already know and love, including Americana favorites from contemporary artists and old-time American Songbook swing jazz pieces. Spanish language numbers are included in my sets, as well as a few accordion tunes for fun. These performances are intended to be light, happy, and multi-generational with lots of fun surprises. I feel a kinship with all of the folks participating in the markets, whether they are selling home-made soap, baby blankets or onions. We are all independent producers serving our community and region.

For this show, my fees are flexible, including a “tips only” option. Having a sheltered place to play is important to me, but other than that, I’m easy to please.

Jenni Mansfield Peal

Facebook pages:

Jenni Mansfield Peal

Jenni Mansfield Peal Original

Ancient Valley Open Mic

Everybody’s Folk Music Blog

San Luis Valley Foodie

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