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Lots of singles, some available on this website only, can be found on my Blog page, just a click away on the top main menu. Scroll down for titles you’d like to hear.

Please enjoy this instrumental piece recorded by my 1990’s band, Pegasus Project. The album, Ascension, is no longer in print. This is “Stray-Away Child”, featuring Linda Relph on fiddle, Rupert Crabb playing Bodhran, and me with the guitar.

Linda and I got together to record again in 2018. Here is my song “Evalina.”

Moonrise in the Rockies


If you are interested in purchasing CDs, please contact me: Jenni. I take money by PayPal or check, and I fulfill by US Mail. “Putting On The Old Folks Clothes” is $12 or $6 for teachers or parents with small children. If you work with children in the San Luis Valley region of CO, I will be happy to bring you one for free, plus one for your school or church library. “Flood” and “Big Wind” CD albums are $15 each or $24 for any two. All prices include shipping in the US.

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My newest album, released April 2022. Receiver is a very personal collection of nine original songs. 1. The Snow On The Pine 2. The Godless Rambler 3. My Father’s Cigarette In The Dark 4. Angry Sister 5. Evalina 6. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor 7. Keep Tamales In Christmas 8. Receiver 9. The Hippie Of White Rock Lake Recorded Live At Poor David’s Pub, Dallas, TX.
This album introduces audiences of all ages to a collection of seven authentic Texas and Southwestern pioneer children’s songs, as well as three JMP original children’s songs. 1. The Old Chisholm Trail 2. Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes 3. The Crawdad Song 4. Git Along, Little Dogies 5. The Fox Is On The Town 6. Frog Went A-Courting 7. Old Rattler 8. The Milkmaid and Her Pail 9. Johnson’s Old Gray Mule 10. Good-bye Smile

Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes” (c) Jenni Mansfield Peal, is dedicated to my grandmother Ruth Mansfield, who always let us little cousins dress up in her nice collection of old clothes, some dating back to the twenties.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail,” (c) Jenni Mansfield Peal, a song based on an Aesop’s Fable.

“The Crawdad Song” is an authentic Pioneer play-party song. I feature the mountain dulcimer on this song. It’s such a fun instrument to play with children. In my shows, it demonstrated string acoustics before the children made string instruments of their own.

Flood is my second album of original songs, completed in 2006. 1. Everyone is Equal at the Laundromat 2. Pearl 3. Bad for Business 4. Green Streak 5. Ponytail Boys 6. If I Were My Boyfriend 7. The Ballad of Susanna Dickinson 8. The Flood 9.Trust Me 10. Cyrus Love/The Lowlands of Holland 11. Where’s My Baby Now 12. Ghost Light 13. Whore’s Breakfast 14. Texas Onions 15. Mudflap Bob

“Everyone Is Equal At the Laundromat,” (c)Jenni Mansfield Peal

“The Ballad of Susannah Dickinson,” (c) Jenni Mansfield Peal

Big Wind is Jenni Mansfield Peal’s first album of original songs, recorded in 1990 and published on cassette. It is now available on CD. 1. Big Wind 2. Angel Ann 3. Two Sisters 4. Do You Remember 5. When Our Bed Was A Boat 6. Church In The Wilderness 7. Barbara Asked 8. Southwind 9. O’Rourke 10. You Can’t Blame a Man for Taking You at Your Word

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