Pegasus Project: Ascension

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Jenni Mansfield, Linda Relph, Rupert Crabb: Pegasus Project, a Celtic Band based in DFW

Ascension is the one album produced by the trio of Jenni Mansfield (now Jenni Mansfield Peal), Rupert Crabb, and Linda Relph. The album was released in Dallas in 1992 on cassette and is no longer in print. Thanks to my band mates for allowing me to make these tracks public.

Bonnie Ship the Diamond

One of Rupert’s great traditional sea shanties. He is singing and playing Bodhran. Jenni and Linda sing harmonies. Linda is featured on fiddle with a trad tune in this setting.

Rockabye Baby

The Mermaid

One of Rupert’s great pub songs.

Stray-away Child

Pegasus Project, 1990’s Celtic Band from Dallas. Linda Relph, fiddle; Rupert Crabb, Bodhran; Jenni Mansfield, guitar.

Fair Maid

This is a traditional English song. Linda’s fiddle is featured in two hornpipes following. Jenni sings and plays guitar; Rupert plays Bodhran.

Twa Corbies

An old Scottish song featuring Jenni on Bodhran. Linda Relph plays fiddle. Jenni learned this song from Tommy Sands, Co Down, Ireland.

Star of the County Down

This very old song from Ireland always reminds me of Tommy Sands, who is a star IN County Down. Go listen to him online.

Jigs in D

This set of tunes features the brilliant Linda Relph, with Rupert playing Bodhran and Jenni on morally-tuned guitar.

Greenland Whale Fisheries

Pegasus Project was a 1990’s Celtic band from Dallas, Texas. Greenland Whale Fisheries is a traditional whaling song. This was one of our favorites because of the harmonies.j

Two Sisters

Jennifer Mansfield Peal (c), Original copyright Jennifer Mansfield, 1990. Scatterbranch Music Publishing.

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