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Don’t Leave Me Now, Mudflap Bob!

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Here’s a sassy song I wrote for my Flood album, while I was still living in Austin, around 2001. Nine Eleven caused fear in the capitol area where I worked and difficulties with flights I depended on for my job. At that time, I worked for the Texas Education Agency as a Special Education Monitor. And to top it all off, a few weeks later, I thought I heard that my old musical friend Bob Williford in Dallas had taken a trip to Australia and loved it so much he moved there. Still don’t know where I got that idea; maybe it was a bad dream. I loved my five years in Austin, but I missed my friends in Dallas, where I grew up and where I had started my musical career.

In the song, the character is a floozy who likes to hang out with muscular truckers. It’s one of my over-the-toppers that amuses me so much. I hope you like it.

The real Mudflap Bob:

I love playing accordion with Bob Williford, a wonderful songwriter who lives in Dallas.

Stray-Away Child: Celtic Music for March

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From 1992, here’s fiddler Linda Relph, accompanied by Rupert Crabb on bodhran and Jenni on rhythm guitar.  We were Pegasus Project and we were getting ready for North Texas Irish Festival about this time back then.  “Stray Away Child” was one of fourteen songs we arranged for our album Pegasus Project: Ascension, recorded in Dallas at Big Time Audio, with production help from Ann Armstrong.