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Don’t Leave Me Now, Mudflap Bob!

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Here’s a sassy song I wrote for my Flood album, while I was still living in Austin, around 2001. Nine Eleven caused fear in the capitol area where I worked and difficulties with flights I depended on for my job. At that time, I worked for the Texas Education Agency as a Special Education Monitor. And to top it all off, a few weeks later, I thought I heard that my old musical friend Bob Williford in Dallas had taken a trip to Australia and loved it so much he moved there. Still don’t know where I got that idea; maybe it was a bad dream. I loved my five years in Austin, but I missed my friends in Dallas, where I grew up and where I had started my musical career.

In the song, the character is a floozy who likes to hang out with muscular truckers. It’s one of my over-the-toppers that amuses me so much. I hope you like it.

The real Mudflap Bob:

I love playing accordion with Bob Williford, a wonderful songwriter who lives in Dallas.

Evalina, with fiddle by Linda Relph

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Here is the most recent recording of my song Evalina. Linda Relph joined me at Audio Dallas Recording Studio, working with Paul Osborne, producer. I added accordion to this guitar ballad. It’s fun to hang around studios; I got to meet Robert Lee Kolb. Thanks for stopping by to listen!

Evalina, by Jenni Mansfield Peal, (c)2020

Evalina was a black girl, Evalina was my friend. Evalina ran away, lord, I’ll not see her again …

Ancient Valley Open Mic Season Three

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Thursday, June 6 began the 2019 season of Ancient Valley Open Mic at a new location in Del Norte, Colorado Tap House and Grille/Mystic Biscuit Coffeehouse. We enjoyed using their big, well-lit stage and sound system.

Ancient Valley Open Mic is a free, weekly community event. Solos and groups, music and spoken word, all ages and languages are welcome.

KNON Dallas/Fort Worth Air Time!

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The “Not Just Another Pretty Song” Texas Tour is going great. Check out my regular updates at Jenni Mansfield Peal Original on Facebook. Today I joined Anni Howe and the crew for Action Anni’s Monday Morning Blend on KNON, 89.3 fm DFW and played old and new songs.

A beautiful day in Dallas on the air at KNON 89.3 fm, Community Radio!
Action Anni (Anni Howe), DJ.

Not Just Another Pretty Song

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April 2019 Texas Tour

With lots of stops to make and friends to see, I’m glad I had a lot of new songs to take on this tour of San Antonio, Austin, Central Texas, Dallas, and East Texas venues and events. Part of our visit down south included recording several new songs at Audio Dallas Recording Studio. You can hear some of the work we did on my post, “Evalina with Fiddle by Linda Relph.” I have deep gratitude for my many friends who made this tour a success.

Outdoor photo of Jenni with snow in the background and a window reflecting her.
February snow and reflecting Jennis

Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes!

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“Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes,” and “The Milkmaid and Her Pail” are two original songs from my most recent album, Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes, 2008. I only chose my favorite pioneer children’s songs for this collection, songs that were popular with the school groups I worked with at Old Red Museum of Dallas History and Culture, as well as Dallas Heritage Village, and outdoor museum in the heart of the city. Over an eight-year period I taught Texas Pioneer songs and dances, along with instrument-making techniques, to hundreds of children.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail is an original song based on an Aesop Fable you may remember. It’s the origin of the saying, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!”

Ancient Valley Open Mic Spring 2018

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Ancient Valley Open Mic Spring 2018 will be hosted at Wildwood Sounds Concert Venue in Del Norte, with its outstanding acoustics, lighting, and performance atmosphere. Check my shows for more information, and become our friend on FB: This is a free community arts event.

Del Norte duo Just Magic performs at AVOM.

Konnie of Just Magic performs original spoken word.

Brian performs his original songs of faith and spirit at AVOM.

Maurice goes traditional at AVOM.

Lorraine and Amy enchant the audience at AVOM.

Jenni welcomes a new player at AVOM.

Fiddle music for all from Johnny!

Amy and Eric are songwriters in a southwestern spiritual style.

Jenni’s got it all under control. Right.

Ross has his own style of soul music.